Stuffed zucchini boats!

1st. Cut in Half and pit your zucchini, bake for 5 minutes @400

✌️. With little canola oil cook your mushrooms, add minced garlic, chicken and DanO’s Seasoning😎😎🤗🤗🤷🏻‍♂️

3. Simply fill , cover in mozzarella and bak additional 10 min @400. Finish on broil for minute or two to get cheese browned!

4! Sprinkle Spicy DanO’s and enjoy!👍👍👊👊🔥🔥🤗🤗

🍄💥 Dan-O’s Loaded Portobello Mushroom 💥🍄

1️⃣ Find a few Portobello Mushrooms with whole caps, no breaks. You want the cap to hold all the flavor coming its way! 

2️⃣ Equal parts: Dan-O’s Seasoning (Original or Spicy depending on your mood!), red wine vinegar 🍷, white wine vinegar 🥂, olive oil, and minced garlic 🥟...

3️⃣ Bake at 400 for 20 minutes... pull out and put thin sliced cream cheese 🧀 on top...

4️⃣ Back in the oven they go to broil at 500 for 5-7 minutes... be amazed!

Instant Pot Style🥣💥 Dan-O’s Loaded Cabbage Soup 💥🥣

👍❗️Instapot Style❗️👍

🌿 Natural Ingredients, No Broth Needed 🌿

Start by pan searing bacon, onion, celery and red bell pepper.... Make sure you it’s on high and that you stir occasionally - you want crispy bacon and browned veggies before moving forward... 👇

Add the mix into your Instapot with AT LEAST half a bottle of Dan-O’s Seasoning (Add the 🌶Spicy🌶 if you want a little 🔥). Remember that Dan-O’s is mostly natural herbs and spices so you’re cooking in flavor; not a bunch of salt and fillers. No need to be shy with this 👍 LOW SODIUM 👍 application!

Add: chopped carrots 🥕 , fresh cut tomatoes 🍅 , chopped mushrooms 🍄, black eye peas, fresh cut corn 🌽, Kielbasa, fresh basil, 1/2 cup tomato paste, head of cabbage, approximately 10 cups water, and mix it all up!

Lock the Instapot and engage Manual mode for 30 minutes! Enjoy!

Dan-O's Spicy Frog Legs- Pretty simple, Dan-O's little butter and oil


 Brisket in a instapot instead of chuck or rump roast! I will never do it any other way! 👍👍 first time cooking a brisket and won’t be the last. It was Dan-Good. 

How I did it! Heavy season with DanO’s. Season brisket top and bottom, place brisket in fat side up with 1 cup of water! And lots of extra DanO’s to creat your trip to flavortown 🇺🇸. Cook on high pressure for 2.5 hrs. Let natural release, pull brisket out, let sit. Then season again and sear in pan with a cooking oil on medium-high to get your DanO’s seared crust. Place all your veggies into instapot followed by brisket on top and cook on manual /high pressure for 30 minutes. It’s Dantastic.

Once pressure is released remove the brisket with tongs, strain your veggies in big strainer over top large pot to catch the broth, 

Making gravy: mix flour and water and stir until smooth, can always strain to get rid of flour chunks. Get your broth boiling and slowly stir in the flour water while whipping with a wire whisk, once to desired thickness, make your plate and enjoy